Flypa - Parken Flughafen DUS

Where is your park area?

The park area is at Münsterstrasse 384 in 40470 Dusseldorf.

How long is the way from the parking bay to the airport?

The airport is about 800 metres away and the journey by our shuttle lasts approx. 2 minutes.

When does the payment happen?

The payment happen on site by the vehicle delivery.

Can I also pay with my depit card or credit card?

You also have the possibility to pay with your depit or your credit card.

Are there other costs after the booking?

There are no additional costs for you. The calculated price is the final price incl. 19% of VAT.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel your reservation for free 24 hours before your travel beginning either by e-mail or phone.

If my car does not start after my return what can I do?

We will help you for free to jump start your engine.

Who helps with problems with the onine-reservation?

e answer questions to the reservation by e-mail or you can call our service hotline +49 (0) 211 42 999 800. Of course you can also book directly by telephone.

Am I also picked at the airport if my flight is too late?

Our free shuttle service is there round-the-clock and brings you to your car any time.

What I am attend to if I have bulky luggage (e.g., golf luggage, dog basket etc.)?

There is nothing to notice, because we are prepared for this.

What is to be done if the flight data is changing?

A short phone call +49 (0) 211 42 999 800 is enough, so we can prepare the change.

Can you clean my car during my trip?

Of yourse you have the possibilty that we clean you car during your trop.

Do you Still have questions?

Then call us on the number +49 (0) 211 42 999 800.